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Florence B. Jack (ed.), The Woman's Book, 1911 Florence B. Jack (ed.), The Woman's Book, 1911

Ref: IE5097
ISBN: 1-84630-298-6
Number of Pages: 752
File Size: 71 Mb
Availability: Download or CD
downloadable now

First published in 1911 and republished here is The Woman's Book: Contains Everything A Woman Ought to Know. Containing more than seven-hundred printed pages this self-help manual for household management was, in its day, at the forefront of advice for women. Although the advice given is now, in the main obsolete and even offensive, books such as this brought into the open many subjects that had been hidden away in Victorian Britain. Appealing to the middle-class woman of a certain means, The Woman's Book, provides details on every aspect of household management, from money, to childcare, illness and entertainment.

Edited by Florence B. Jack, with 'expert' contributions by Mrs Bernard Mole; Miss Fedden; Miss Maud Cookes; Miss Alice Lennon; Miss Margaret E. Buchanan; Miss M. Courtauld; Miss N. Edwards and Bertha La Mothe who provide information on the management and art of housekeeping, although in truth much of what appears in the publication appears to be about how to manage a husband.

Beginning with 'The House', the thirty-four chapters that follow provides the reader with a plethora of advice. The House, for example, states that this is the most important choice that a woman will make in her life and a house should not be confused with a home.

First considerations: to buy or to rent; locality; house versus flat; construction; site and soil; drainage; water supply; ventilation; lighting; heating; decoration; furnishing the home; flooring and floor coverings. Every room in the house is detailed as to its function and decoration with sketches of what they might look when finished as per 'Heal & Sons'. These follows chapters on 'Mistress & Servants, where the function, wages and relationship between every type of household servant and the mistress is explained in quite some detail. Further chapters of advice include those on household work - surely advice to passed onto the servants rather than the mistress herself - food and the kitchen and then the largest chapter in the book: 'Guide to Cookery'. Here, at least, The Woman's Book marks itself out as a forerunner to later manuals for the running of the home, especially those published during the inter-war period. In chapters such as 'Dress - its Choice & Care', 'Etiquette & Social Guide' and 'Management of Money & Legal Guide', The Woman's Book clearly identifies its intended readership. A strange chapter on home nursing and first aid concentrates on meals for patients and the convalescing, which include raw beef sandwiches, stewed pigeon, and veal panada. Howe any such contrivances were supposed the seriously ill to recuperate is mute.

Ending with advice on what jobs are suitable for women, how to entertain in and out of the house and a plethora of miscellaneous facts and figures, The Woman's Book may now make entertaining rather than serious reading. However, given the time and context in which this self-help book for woman was published, it marks a revolution in as much as women were given active and very public advice on how they should and could run and control their lives if they so wished, very much the mistresses of their own house at least.

This title is a DOWNLOAD. Please click the link on the receipt to initiate the download. If you would prefer a version on CD-ROM to be posted to you, please select the option below. It will cost an additional €6.00 (ex VAT) which includes all postage charges. 

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Origins of Popular Superstitions, Customs & Ceremonies Origins of Popular Superstitions, Customs & Ceremonies

Ref: GBI1354
by T. Sharper Knowlson, 1910

A wonderfully fascinating book, just applicable today as it was when it was written, or in the times relating to our ancestors.

Superstitions and customs relating to days and seasons; Marriage superstitions and customs; Divination and Omens, and lots more.

Download the full contents and index free (PDF file)

Price:   €15.56 (€19.14 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Photography in a Nutshell Photography in a Nutshell

Ref: 1389
By "The Kernel" - Lt. Gen. H.P. Hawkes, published 1899

Sections on apparatus, aims, plates and films, exposure, Treatment of Special Subjects, Developers, Development, Fixing, Washing, and Varnishing Negatives, Intensifies and Reducers, Preparing Negatives for Printing, Printing Papers, Printing, Mounting and Framing, Photography in Hot Climates, Lantern Slides and Enlarging, etc.

Plates and illustrations.

155 pages plus 56 pages of fascinating illustrated advertisements.


Price:   €10.62 (€13.06 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Evidence on the Employment of Children - 1842 Evidence on the Employment of Children - 1842

Ref: 1068bl
This huge volume of 1842, reproduced as a facsimile copy on CD, is a government publication containing evidence on the employment of children. Evidence is stated by means of interviews with the employers, adult workers and children, relating to the work and life style conditions of the children.

Almost 900 pages of testimonies and interviews, covering various types of factories and work in a wide variety of places in Britain.

An amazing and fascinating insight into conditions of work and peoples' lifestyle in 1842 in their own words.

Did your ancestor work in a factory?

Put meat on the bare bones of your family history by understanding how they lived and worked.  
More details and examples of interviews

Price:   €20.49 (€25.20 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

The Ladies Elegant Pocket Souvenir 1823 and The Polite Repository 1832 The Ladies Elegant Pocket Souvenir 1823 and The Polite Repository 1832

Ref: 1040

Two delightful little pocket books designed to be of assistance to the young gentlewoman.

Contains information which explains the rates of wages, Hackney cab fares, as well as odd snippets of music, songs and poetry. Also there are lists of people in government departments, banking and insurance and many other walks of life, plus space for diary and note taking.

A kind of pre-Victorian File-O- Fax and a wonderful example of what life was like for the young lady about town! 

Price:   €15.56 (€19.14 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Something For Everybody - 1861 Something For Everybody - 1861

Ref: 0551b
Something for Everybody by John Timbs - 1861 Domestic Arts & Customs

Coloured title page with illustration of Brambletye House. To the reader dated June 1861. Contents, New Year's Day, St Distaff's Day, St Blaze's Day, Palm Sundy, Morris Dance etc. Pall Mall - The Game and the Street, Whitebait, Personal Recollections of Brambletye (Sussex), Domestic Arts and Customs including Frummety or Furmety, Medieval Furniture, Milkmaids in London etc., Curiosities of Bees and Celebrated Gardens. This book has as the title describes "Something for Everybody". 312 pages with index. 

Price:   €13.09 (€16.10 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

The History of Freemasonry - Robert Freke Gould 1887 (3 Volumes) The History of Freemasonry - Robert Freke Gould 1887 (3 Volumes)

Ref: 1070

These three large volumes describe the very early history of Freemasons across the world, from their origins in trades unions in Mediaeval times, their decline due to lack of raison d'etre in the Reformation and return in 1717 until 1887 when the book was published.

This set of books chronicles every aspect of Freemasonry, the antiquities, symbols, customs and constitutions of every Grand Lodge, not only in England, but also across Europe, Asia and North America.

They include illustrations of English Provincial Grand Masters, the seals, tokens and arms of France, Germany and England. Timelines and synopsis pullout pages enable easy reference and a good overall view, as do the statistics on the number of lodges and their members.

Containing in depth chapters on The Strict Observance, The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Rite of Misraim, The Cabbala and Mysticism, History of GLs of England from 1688 onwards, The Quarter Coronati, The Ancient Mysteries, The old Charges of British Freemasons, their statutes, Mason's Marks, Sea and Field Lodges and much more. These books spread light on a history often clouded with uncertainty.


Price:   €28.72 (€35.33 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

The Book of Household Management. 1869 Isabella Beeton The Book of Household Management. 1869 Isabella Beeton

Ref: 0349
Everyone has heard of it. But this edition is very special indeed. Mrs Beeton died in 1865, four years before this second edition of her famous book was published. Subsequent editions were published by Ward Lock, as her husband sold the rights to the book, but what happened is that the new publishers removed huge sections of the original recipes, and proudly(!) announced that all of those left in had been tested and tried and altered to "improve" them! In other words, did not contain Mrs. Beeton's originals. In addition, the new publishers added more and different sections on household management, and therefore the next edition in 1873 was effectively a totally different book.

Our edition, scanned from the original 1869 book, contains well over a thousand pages, and contains some lovely colour plates, quite unusual for a book of this date. It is an absolute gem, and we have really gone to town with extensive bookmarks in the Acrobat PDF file. We offering this CD for just GBP 14.25 - and like the original, we expect it to be a "best seller". 
More details about this wonderful old book

Price:   €15.65 (€19.25 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Happy Homes - And How To Make Them Happy Homes - And How To Make Them

Ref: 0543

A lovely book, by J. W. Kirton (undated, but probably c1865)

Chapters include: Getting a home, Courting and popping the question, Advice to a young man seeking a wife, Advice to a young woman seeking a husband, Advice to young people seeking a house to live in, The mutual duties of married life, Special duties of the husband, Special duties of the wife (she has the expenses section), Four lessons from the landlady to the wife. The public house the rival of home.

A wonderful insight into values, standards and life in Victorian times. 

Price:   €12.63 (€15.53 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

The Book of Days The Book of Days

Ref: 0491

Published in 1888

Take any day of the year, and find out an immense amount of detailed history and events that happened on that day. For special days such as Easter, Christmas and other important holidays and festivals there is even more, in the way descriptions of traditional customs.

Two huge volumes reproduced as facsimiles on CD, with every page of the original books scanned, and then formatted for viewing just like a real book using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Price:   €23.06 (€28.36 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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